Monday, April 30, 2007

Update 4: Jade Plants Experiment

Here comes the next update...

So far, it seems that 'Hobbit 1' and 'Gollum M3' has had nothing new for the past month.

Jade Plants
Jade Plants

1st Measurements and 2nd Measurements.

Plant NameNumberedTeam M
1. (Dwarf?) Jade Plant 9" 7.75"
2. Hummel Sunset 9.25" 7.5"
3. Gollum Jade Plant   8.5"
4. Hobbit Jade Plant 7.25" 6.25"


Ki said...

The stems seem longer but not much growth otherwise?

DragonStone said...

Not really. Hmm... I keep telling myself that they'll jump and leap in mid-summer.