Sunday, May 23, 2010

Look what a friend sent me yesterday. A huge box of jade plant clippings. Geez! hehe.

Today I got them all potted.

As for my other jades, most of them are still hanging in there. I did find out that one jade plant died and possibly another is on the process of shriveling up. Not sure why now... since I repotted them all. Frustrating.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Caved in...

I caved in and bought more jade plants!

The side view didn't do much justice to the shorter jade plant. The shorter jade plant is actually very wide.

This picture here shows how wide the shorter jade plant is! The taller jade plant is behind it. Looks puny now, don't it? hehe.

Today was pretty productive. I headed to a local nursery to see if they had anything. I saw huge Barrel Cacti through the clear plastic when approaching but after I stepped in, they were all dying from the bottom up. There were a couple of sedums but... that was pretty much it. Nothing else.

I asked the guy if he had any jade plants. He fetched one from a greenhouse from across the road. He said that he was going to make cuttings from the ones he had left but I was more than welcome to buy the tall skinny one. I noticed that there was yellow/red coloring on it and this was the same nursery that I bought my Hummel Sunset from. I jumped on it. He told me it was $10 and I was happy to take it.

Then I visited another nursery nearby and they had a batch of jade plants that were just HUGE. They were all $10 each. I didn't see any red/yellowing so I figured these have to be regular jade plants. I snatched one up. hehe.

I'm happy! It was $20 well spent.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Surviving Jades

I repotted what was left of the jades today. New leaves are popping out and I hope they'll thrive this summer. I still have whatever little that is left of my Ms. Jade that started all of this. I have some gollum and hobbit. I believe I may have lost all the Hummel Sunset or the regular jade plant. Not sure. The jade plant on the very far right - that may be a regular jade plant or a hummel sunset. Time will tell if the leaves change colors after it gets bigger.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Update on Jades

I was asked to give an update on my jade plants. I guess the grim news is that I expect all of them to die before the year is over. Why such a harsh prediction? Most of the little ones are long gone. The larger ones are still losing branches over time and none of them are thriving. They grew a couple small leaves but then sit around...

I guess the winter shocked them so much that they're not recovering. I guess somewhere inside of me, I'll be somewhat relieved to deal with whatever handful that survives and thrives rather than sit around and stare at a table of jade plants that look so miserable while they're on their way out.

I was encouraged to make a couple clippings but the clippings immediately shriveled before they ever had a chance to do anything.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Freeze Tonight?!

I probably shouldn't have put my winter clothes away. Heh! There's a freeze coming up tonight. I was hoping the forecasts were wrong and even if they weren't, it always showed the temperature at 34 or 35. I figure that's not bad for plants to creep through just one night. Now that we're nearing this cold night, I'm finding that the temperature right now is already 49 degrees and it's not even 1pm yet! The predicted low tonight is, at the moment, 32. Isn't that beautiful? Now I have to figure out if I oughta shuffle all the plants into the greenhouse to protect them in case it drops lower than 32 - which I'm convinced it will since it's already 49 right now.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

One shows life!

In my grouping of small jade plants that I felt may have died - one finally shows signs of life! I removed the two rotting nodes when I saw these little leaves coming up. We'll see how the others are.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jade Plants - Still not sure...

I took the jade plants out of the greenhouse yesterday. I still can't tell if any are going to make it. Sure, there's a bunch of green leaves but a good chunk are shriveling up - along with the branches. Heck, I'm worried my main Hummel Sunset is dying as well. A lot of the smaller plants look like they totally bit the dust.