Sunday, April 1, 2007

Update 2: Jade Plants

Gollum, Hobbit, Hummel Sunset
Gollum, Jade, Hobbit, Hummel Sunset

You know, I almost didn't measure them because I didn't notice them being any bigger but there was some growth afterall.

Refer to this post for the previous measurements.

Plant NameNumberedTeam M
1. (Dwarf?) Jade Plant 8.75" 7.5"
2. Hummel Sunset 9" 7"
3. Gollum Jade Plant   8.5"
4. Hobbit Jade Plant 7.25" 5.75"


Ki said...

I never knew jades grew so fast. That's an amazing amount of growth. I guess we're so habituated to seeing the plants so often we don't see much difference until you actually measure them as you have!

DragonStone said...

It is weird. I don't notice them looking any bigger but the measurements are there! Very weird. hehe.

MrBrownThumb said...

They probably don't look much bigger because you see them all the time. But from the pic they do look a little bigger to me.

Jeff said...

Your Jades are looking wonderful Mr. Gem... :)