Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jade Plant Experiment

Jade Plants - Team M

Jade Plants - Numbered

I chose the plants for my personal experiment. The numbered ones are just strictly water. The ones with M are the ones that'll get the funky mixture from the recipe I listed earlier.

I really thought I had several Gollum clippings but I could only find the one which I decided to use in Team M.

Plant NameNumberedTeam M
1. (Dwarf?) Jade Plant 8.5" 7"
2. Hummel Sunset 8.5" 6"
3. Gollum Jade Plant   8"
4. Hobbit Jade Plant 7" 5.5"

I thought it'd be interesting to have the taller plants to have just water and see if the shorter plants in Team M would grow faster and end up being taller.

March 1st is when I plan to water them and then just let my personal experiment start.


Ki said...

Interesting experiment. We rarely fertilize our jades and they do extremely well. My wife does give them Superthrive vitamins and hormones once in a while and we'll set them outside in shade when the temps stay consistently in the upper 50's and above. They seem to like it outdoors.

DragonStone said...

I am hoping that it makes some sort of difference at least. Maybe faster growth.