Friday, February 9, 2007

Variegated Jade

Variegated Jade
Originally uploaded by dragonslumber.
The variegated jade plant that I purchased from ebay arrived in the mail with a small dried rootball but I'm hoping it's enough for the plant to establish itself. I'd really like for this one to survive and not fall apart like the other did. Maybe I'm just being slightly paranoid about the variegated jade plant even though all the other types of jades I currently have have grown well.


MrBrownThumb said...

Looks nice. Congrats on the plant it looks good.

Stu said...

Great to meet you Dragonstone. I found you via Mr. Brown Thumb's blog. Great to find another bloke gardener in this sea of estrogen.

DragonStone said...

Hello Stu. It's good to meet you too!

Ki said...

The plant looks good. It should survive well if you don't over water it. I read where you should let the soil go completely dry before watering. Jades die from over watering. I have done this and all our jades are thriving. I keep getting new plants from fallen leaves.