Monday, April 7, 2008

Variegated Jade Leaf Growing New Plant

I hate my variegated jade plant. I do. It just seems to sit there but I guess that's what someone meant when they said that variegated jades are agonizingly slow to grow. At least it's alive. I think. I don't know. It hasn't done anything in the year I had it.

While in the greenhouse over winter, one of the leaves fell and started growing a new plant. All green!

This made me remember a comment on the Cacti and Succulents forum on Gardenweb years ago where someone said not to bother planting variegated jade leaves because the plant that grows from them would revert back to a solid green state. The only way to get more variegated jades is to grow from branches.


almostAMAZING.jeff said...

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almostAMAZING.jeff said...

Oh, and that's really cool!