Monday, December 3, 2007

Jade Plant Experiment - Afterthoughts

Oy. Google ate my post. That was fun. Now to retype it all...

I failed big time. I knew it was going to happen. As I predicted, the summer heat would make me lose interest in this experiment. Ah, but, I know some are curious as to what happened after...


Team M

Plant NameNumberedTeam M
1. (Dwarf?) Jade Plant 9.5" 10"
2. Hummel Sunset 10" ***
3. Gollum Jade Plant   9"
4. Hobbit Jade Plant 8.5" 7.5"

***I gave away the jade plant when someone asked for it. Sorry 'bout that...

My conclusion? I think the recipe helped slightly. (Refer to measurements from first post) While Team M was catching up to its taller counterparts, it wasn't exactly a big improvement. I imagine if I were to run this experiment for five years, Team M would have a big advantage over the other team eventually. Would I do it? Very lazily.

Off-topic note, I do love how the fertilizer recipe has caused lots of buds on my thanksgiving cacti. The likelihood of me making the fertilizer for next year is very high and I may continue to water Team M just for the heck of it.


MrBrownThumb said...

Hey welcome back.

Sorry to hear about the experiment.

Oh well, there will be more chances for experimenting. I saw you commeted on my CC entries and as I was writing them I was looking over your threads on GW's C&S forum and wondering when you were going to emerge from summer hibernation.

DragonStone said...

Thank you, MrBrownThumb.

At least it's getting cool enough to be more active. I'm hoping next summer will be cooler but all those 'global warming' reports say the southeast will continue to experience more warm summers as the years pass. Scary.