Monday, March 19, 2007

Took Jades out of Greenhouse

I may end up having to bring them back into the greenhouse, I'm sure... The local newspaper warned gardeners not to start planting because locals have seen snowfall in April after a warmspell in March. I don't mind. Some direct sun would help them for once instead of the thick plastic of the greenhouse obscuring it.

I took quite a few pictures but unfortunately the bright sun and my digital camera did not agree with each other so I'll have to take new pictures at a different time. However, I did have a few that were okay.

A side-by-side comparison. The Hobbit Jade Plant on the left is already taller than my ten year old jade. I received the hobbit jade plant as a clipping back in 2005. It receives the same sunlight. There's a gollum jade plant further down the table which is also big as well.

Gollum Jade plant
Gollum Jade has tubular leaves.

Hobbit Jade Plant
Hobbit Jade has leaves that curl inwards.


Ki said...

I sort of like the look of the Gollum jade. I'll have to try to find one. Do you know of a good online nursery?

DragonStone said...

If you don't mind a cutting, I can send you one. You can contact me at with your address.

MrBrownThumb said...

Hey your plants don't suffer from sun burn? I had forgotten to watch some of my C&S in the windows and on the sunny days a couple got sun burn.

DragonStone said...

I don't know... I know some of them get the red tint around the edge of the leaves but it's been fine.

Normally, they stay out all summer long and get sun all day. Right now, they're against the wall of the house so they get sun till 3pm or so but I hope to move them back out into the backyard to get full exposure.